A Punch to a Kiss

A few minutes later, Melissa's wonderful party has turned into continuous fist fights, broken glasses and plates, and tumbled tables that were scattered on the floor. Aside from that, our faces were also covered in blood, wounds, and bruises.

If not because of the restaurant's security guards and servers who eased us off, our fist fight may continue to the point that some of us, either me or Ghino, might shift into a wolf right in front of everyone.

Some of the party-goers immediately disappeared from the building to make sure they will not get involved with our fight. I also ordered one of the security guards to send Melissa back to our mansion.

"Ghino, your lips are bleeding." Nathan reached out to my face but I quickly shoved his hand away from me.

"I'm fine. Go home, Nathan. Melissa might be looking for you if you're not there." Ghino said back as he straightened his crumpled clothes.

After straightening his clothes, Ghino leapt back to his friends and open
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