Chapter 123

"And how exactly is the plan?" Dad's tone of voice suddenly changed. From his downed mood, little by little, it lifted. My wolf could sense how badly dad wanted to get out of this room swallowed by utter darkness.

Their bodies were freezing in the cold because they haven't seen or getting exposed to the rays of the sun. And it has been days since they were locked up in the basement.

But despite the complete darkness, I was storytelling to dad and Vladimir everything about Roger's plan. Except for the part where I was taking an alliance with the Russian wolves.

At first, neither dad nor Vladimir believed that the plan will work compared to what I believed it will. Their downed expressions were telling me that might not participate.

Vladimir and dad seemed to have one thing in common about the plan, especially in the part when I told them I'd be leading the thousands of wolves once executed. But I can't blame them for not trusting me on this one. It was still fresh f
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