Chapter 158

But from the way, the wolves around Cerberus looked at me, my feeble instinct was telling me I was right about it. They didn't know about my statement. That's why Cerberus immediately changed the subject.

And by the way, Cerberus looked at me, his expression suddenly changed. From a steady heartbeat, they skipped a few times. Aside from that, he was pacing his eye to and from mine.

"We're here for Edwin. Where is that bastard?" Nathan insisted. He then challenged Cerberus to growl back as though he had almost forgotten the man still had his alpha blood even if he already surrendered his title to Victor.

"That's one of our purpose coming here, Cerberus." I produced a ticking sound in my mouth. "I'm not gonna address you politely anymore since you no longer deserve my sole respect."

"We're here for a negotiation, Mr Cerberus. To get you out of the mess the Blue Moon Pack are facing into. And for you to get back your alpha title instead of just a dog to someone's sha
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