Doris paced in the lobby of the newspaper house. As a woman in her fifties, she had experienced pain,pain beyond her control.

Doris grew up in the church. Her father was the pastor there while her mother was the housewife that said nothing and just did as her husband instructed.

She wasn't allowed to talk to boys or even greet them. After school,she was asked to return home immediately.

Her father once threatened to enroll her in a same sex school. She never experienced anything like highschool love or any of that. Her father was very strict although she was never rebellious.

He always admonished her for nothing, shouting at her whenever she made the slightest mistake.

When it was time for her to go to college,he wanted her to go to the convent and become a nun.

She was furious. All she ever did was obey her father with the hopes of seeing the world for what it really was when she was old enough.

She always wore long skirts even during summer. Her beautiful hair was al
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