Chapter thirty: You have a weird taste

Skyler looked down feeling a little ashamed. He doesn't know what made him admit what he just did. His childhood has not been a normal one and diving into the horrors that shaped his childhood was not the way he wanted to start this date.

He braced himself and looked up at Adriana who was gawking at him as if he has several heads. Guess it is a foreign notion to have someone who has never tasted ice cream before in his life.

Ice cream was one of the sinful pleasures of childhood that every kid had indulged in, every kid except him.

His mother had been a healthy diet fanatic who couldn't stand her only child eating anything that wasn't healthy. Ice cream was one of the little things she denied him growing up.

" Can you pretend you didn't just hear that? " he requested. His tone was part pleading and part serious.

He wasn't ready to answer the questions that he was sure to follow.

Adriana started to shake her head at Skyler's request. He can't just dump such a huge bomb on her and
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