The Life Of Bisi

The Life Of Bisi

By:  Chidot  Completed
Language: English
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Bisi, a timid Nigerian boy, discovers that he is attracted to the same sex, but he is determined to change his preference, leading to more frustration. Bisi meets and falls in love with his married boss Ebuka and a sizzling affair begins between them, an homophonic waitress, a jealous wife, and his own family make his life a living hell. Betrayed by his bisexual lover JUDE, Bisi escapes Nigeria in search of love. Fate connects him with a foreigner Scott and he experiences true and unjudgemental love. love as he had never felt before. Would the world and his family accept him for who he is or would it be over his dead body?

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32 Chapters
Episode one
BISI'S POV   It took only a split second for my whole life to flash before me, my past came to mock me in the cruelest way ever, while my future was miles away unaware of the judgment my kinsmen had passed on me.  
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Episode two
Esther and I didn't spend the rest of the day alone and I avoided eye contact as much as possible. It was almost eight years now since my parents warned me never to talk about it or even think about it. 
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Episode three
Esther had moved on from me, from us. She now dates the president of our school student union. The most popular and handsome boy in school. Sometimes I wonder why she felt he was a better option. I agree I never could give her the sexual pleasure she desired. But that other boy was Casanova and a bully. 
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Episode four
After the incident with Jude, I tried to avoid him as much as possible, what if he realizes what I feel? what if he tells others about me.? I decided to visit home for two weeks, maybe I would forget it happened and it was just a figment of my imagination. 
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Episode five
Jude's departure to a foreign land for fear of being killed hit me thinking about my own situation. I wasn't ready to die yet or become a source of grief to my friends and family. 
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Chapter six
******************************************After Service******************************************
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Episode seven
I was able to detangle my legs from his, and as I was about getting up from the bed so I could run to my room he stopped me. "We had way too much alcohol last night, didn't we?" Ebuka said smiling at me 
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Episode eight
As I nestled my head on Ebuka's laps he bent his head low saying endearing things to me which made me blush. It felt as if we were in a world of our own and nothing could go wrong. 
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Episode Nine
As I walked into the hotel lobby, I noticed it was crowded with people and most of them were guests trying to check-in. I wasn't surprised by the rush because it was a Friday and weekends were mostly for getaways, weddings, and general funfairs. 
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Episode 10
We left for Lagos the next day by flight. Though our business trip ended three days ago, we had allowed ourselves to stay behind and enjoy the extra days to relax and unwind. A popular slang in Nigeria would say "Body No be firewood." This means the body is not a plank and you must find time to leisure. 
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