" Mum, how can you be so careless to use someone like him" Jennie yelled angrily. Just thirty minutes ago, the so-called man that Pete had sent to kill Sabastian Wilson was caught back in his hideout. How Damian martins managed to get a hold of him was a mystery to them.

" Pete assured me, so not to worry," Kathleen replied.

" Who the hell is this Pete mum and where did you find him?'' The whole city is watching to see if anything will happen to father. We cannot afford to make mistakes now" Gwen chipped in.

" We had a lot of capable people who could do this job and you chose some rookie mum, you didn't even discuss with us first before making a move and now a big mess has been created".

Little did they know that Kathleen had a motive of her own, she would never allow them to find out Sabastian was not their real father and she had to eliminate him out of the way before Amy would spill the beans to him.

" Don't worry girls, everything will be fine".

" I hope so mum, I can't afford an
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