Chapter 19: Damien

"Hello? Hello? What happened? Kieffer?" Noah pulls the phone from his ear, the call is already dropped and the last thing her heard was truly concerning. He stares at his phone and curses under his nose.

His forehead forms sweats and his hands are trembling from nervousness. "What's the matter, Noah?" Yanna holds his arm, pleading him to tell her the situation because his face looks constipated after the call.

Noah does not hear her. He cannot hear her. His head is full of what if's and concerns for Averill and his son, Damien. He should have not left them alone. Noah should have had stayed with them, with Averill.

She's already suffering enough and Noah... he promised to stay with her, to support her throughout this hell but look at where he is now... enjoying himself eating and leisurely going places with Yanna.

"Noah? Noah? Hey!" Yanna shouts. Noah looks at her, Yanna is reaching her hand to his hand on the table. He pulls it away and stands up, perturbed. "What? You did not
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