It had ended!

Dawn had came but met the gory sight of dead bodies littered all around in the pool of their blood or the some others blood. The armies which had arrived the night before weren't an enemy army to the Silvermoon Alpha and his pack members.

Cole had aged for over thirty years and since he was only fifteen and in each year since then, he had been consistent in making his own army of neotides. In a year, there could be over a thousand neotides till he was aged which had made them much as hell.

All those Neotides had been kept in the human realm till he needed them and they were all just being released to help their master win his war.

But, could Cole have done all this alone and by himself? Apart from Pedro who he had been planning several evil plans with him in the past years and had now left him, was there no one else behind him? Another person or people who was backing him up?

Well, there are. There were some Lords who weren't happy and hadn't been happy since Kaden's en
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