Chapter Seventeen: Forever and Always

Chapter Seventeen: Forever and Always

Kiara, at age nine

Kiara POV:

The entire night I couldn't help but think about what JJ said. Why would he think I would forget about him? He was my best friend, my first friend. When everyone else was mean to me at school, he was the only nice one, and we had been friends way before that. Maybe I could convince him to stay with me here. I know he would agree, but how was I supposed to make our parents and, more importantly, the king and queen to let JJ stay? Maybe he could also try out for the scholarship, but I knew that was a long shot. He was more into warrior training than books and facts, while I was into both. Ugh! Maybe I could ask Rex to help me convince prince Kayden and prince Jayden to find a way for JJ to stay. But I needed to find a way, someway, somehow. I couldn't leave my best friend! With that thought in my mind, I fell asleep.


"Princess, wake up." I heard someone whisper in my ear as they stroked my hair.

I didn't n

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