Chapter 17. You're not her top priority anymore

Lars, after taking a shower, was about to go downstairs when suddenly he smelled a familiar scent, the smell of Cherub.

"She must have just returned" Lars whispered.

He focused on listening a little more when he discovered that Eira was also present, he was not surprised by her appearance.

Lars glanced at the box of contact lenses on the table, then decided to stop wearing them and walked down to the dining room.

As soon as he reached the door, he heard the chirping of the two girls, and the sound suddenly stopped when he entered.

“Lars? Haven't you eaten yet?" Keelin saw Lars enter and asked.

“Um.” Lars nodded and went to sit next to Keelin, across from Eira. After all, he's a vampire, it doesn't matter if he eats it or not.

Unlike Keelin, the moment she faced Lars, Eira's eyes widened as if she had discovered something. Something she never expected before.

Lars took a deep breath. He guessed right, only when

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