Chapter 63 REJECT

His long legs walked slowly towards the brown wooden door in the north corner. His hand was about to press the doorknob. However, it stopped midair when his ears heard the conversation in the room. Addy took a deep breath, mustered his patience, then put his ear to the door.

“Why are you doing this to me, Bashiri?” asked Serry in a frustrated tone, even her voice was shaking.

“Because I love you, Serry. Can't you see the sincerity in my eyes, huh?” replied Bashiri who was no less frustrated.

Unable to bear to hear the conversation inside there, Addy directly smashed the wooden door into two pieces. His entire life had been through various humiliations and pain. However, this time it was worse. His heart seemed to be stabbed by a thousand knives when he saw his Omega naked with another Alpha on the bed. His two Omega hands that used to roll around his neck are now rolling around the other Alpha's neck.

“A-addy!” Her green eyes widened in disbelief. She didn't expect that Addy would co
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