Chapter One Hundred-Eight

Eve placed her laptop on her lap and typed the news in the hate group. She had thought about it several times and had decided to drop the bombshell.

'Henry's family invited me for dinner tonight.' is the message she typed in the group chat

Eve threw her head backwards and went on stamping her left leg. She was anxious to read their replies. Since she had planned on getting out of Henry's life, she had decided to reunite with the hate group and chase her revenge goal.

When Eve cast her gaze on the laptop screen, replies were already flying in. She began to mutter each reply under her breath.

'That's a good move.'

'It's a step closer. Maybe you can engage his parents in a conversation and find out more about his wife.'

'Wow, that's a great development.'

'It proves that you are doing a good job Eve'

Eve cast her gaze on the last reply. 'It proves that you are doing a good job Eve.' She sighed and slumped on the couch.

If only they knew that she had been fucking around with Henry lately.
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