“Hey! Wake up.” I scratch my eye and open it a little and when I saw mom I immediately sit on the bed and look at her in confusion.

“Why am I here? And not my own house.”

“Asher took you here.” She smirk when she mention his name. “He said he doesn’t know the pass code of your apartment.” She chuckle. “That only means he knows where you live.” She shook her head before going out of the room that made me more shock of what’s happening right now.

It made me wonder how did she know where my mother lives, this isn’t the same house we used to live in the past, but when I saw the clock hanging in the wall of my room I immediately hurry and get ready for work.

“Fuck.” I curse a hundred of words hoping it will move much faster so I could go to work in time but right now I doubt I have that chance given the circumstances. I’m still dizzy and I feel like throwing up but hell I need to work although I’m a little embarrass to go especially that I’m having a hangover.

“You’re not eating” I’m st
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