The First Hurdle

The silence was deafening alongside the rattling of the insects of the night. The stranger's brown eyes were glimmering with golden underneath, trying to pin me down with his gaze. I would have been intimidated by his presence if it weren't for the purpose I was here for and the blood in my veins. There was no space for fear or submission in what I did and who I was.

"I can ask you the same question." I retaliated with firmness. "Why are you following me?" I asked.

He changed his position and went to lean on a tree on the side. "I've never seen anyone here in this forest. I was curious as to why a female is roaming the woods in the dark, alone at that. Aren't you afraid of the danger lurking in the shadows?" He queried with an expressionless but still ruggedly handsome face and I went to a tree across him to copy his stance.

"I am not afraid of anything. Warriors do not fear, they conquer the danger." I responded with my arms crossed. His eyes raked up my body from the toes the head
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