Chapter 12

Luke must have overheard me, because I heard him agree, “Now that’s a sight I can’t wait to see.” He wrapped his arms around me and I leaned into him, enjoying the sparks. Zara gushed, “I just love watching you two. I can tell you already love each other.” I smiled, “We do.” Zara laughed, “This guy has loved you for most of his life. He never even wanted to date while he was in high school.” I smiled as I looked at him, “What would you have done if we weren’t mates?” He blushed, “I have no clue. I always just counted on you being my mate. If you weren’t at this ball, I would’ve come looking for you.” I chuckled, “You’re so cute.” He laughed, “Thanks, I think.” I chuckled, “It’s a good thing to be cute. Especially by me.” Zara laughed, “And your mama.” He laughed, “I will always be cute in your eyes.” Zara replied, “Of course you will.” And now it’s my turn to gush, “Aw, you guys are too cute!” Luke smiles, “Okay. Enough with the girly shit. I’m going to go sit with dad and take back my

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