It’s almost an hour since I left her at the spot.

I run, rushing through the tree and emerging once again at the clearing, only to find the space empty.

She’s already gone.

I had not expected her to wait for me here. She has every right to leave, especially with me doing the same to her amidst the moment brimming between the both of us.

The call was something urgent.

I couldn’t risk another rogue finding their way into school like the last time we got attacked.

I had her in mind when I rushed away to get it done, but the dejected look on her face…

I had doubted if she really felt that bad that I was leaving.

I thought it was only I that felt this burning need to be around her every second I could, so I took her word for it.

‘Yeah, it's fine’ she'd said.

Now, I’m doubting if she really was, especially now seeing my shirt left all alone on the grass.

Probably tossed off in annoyance before she stomped off back to her room.

I sigh, picking up the piece of clothing into m
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Comments (4)
goodnovel comment avatar
Elena needs to move the f*ck on, like Silas said she is sick in the head I have no doubt she took Freya. But yeah Freya will be hurt when she finds out about the bet, just hope Silas can make it up to her. I want Elena to disappear or find her own mate that isn’t Silas lol (he is Freyas).
goodnovel comment avatar
Natasha Nelson-Garcia
I think that when Freya is found and finds out that she was a bet, she is going to feel really hurt and betrayed.
goodnovel comment avatar
Ana Sousa
Elena is going to get revenge on Freya. I think lucus and her are trying to get rid of freya cause she is getting in the way of their plans. I think they had something to do with her attach!

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