My consciousness continues to flicker in and out of my body continuously for a while.

I’m unable to stay awake long enough to think up another escape route, or even anything at all.

My only companions are the vague dreams of Silas.

Short and brief moments where his skin glistens softly like the moons light, and his smile appears even more beautiful than I can remember. His warm embraces and the sweet sound of his laughter.

It’s a surprise I can dream up something that good even in a situation like this. I can only assume my slowly fading body is tricking my mind to ease the pain of the emerging inevitable.

Once again, I’m woken from my sleep and my tired eyes lazily filters through my surroundings, dimly lit as always.

I look ahead, finding the same middle aged guard fiddling with my keys, realizing the sound that had actually woken me up.

I slowly sit up as he steps in.

Before I can ask what’s going on, a wooden bowl of runny porridge drops in front of me. The manner in
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Comments (2)
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Stardust Wendy
Hi! I love the feedback. But Silas figuring out it's Lucas is responsible isn't as easy as it might seem. Lucas has been his best friend for years, basically his second hand man. A discovery like that isn't just something that springs up. But I'd give his suspicions a lot more credit.
goodnovel comment avatar
Penny Angeles-Tan
The story is good but, seriously, don't you think she suffered enough? Can we move on please? How many more chapters will she be tortured in? And is Silas really that stupid? Come on!

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