Punishment for Conceiving the Alpha's Heir

I held Austin's arm tight as she took a step closer to me, and her eyes slowly drifted across to Austin. I turned instinctively to him, but his face was set in expressionless too, his hand holding my waist to keep me on my feet. Seeing him so determined gave me a big of confidence and I swallowed as I turned back to the healer.

"So she is the one. The substitute I have heard of."

"Just check her, healer. Her status does not affect anything." Austin said, his voice cold.

She flickered her eyes to him, then back at me. "All of that is good and all, you not realize how powerful a mate bond is? How can an entire pack be so nonchalant towards a mate bond, especially that of the alpha? What were you thinking?"

My breath hitched as her eyes thinned in a little judgemental look. I could tell she didn't have good news for us. My eyes lifted to Alpha Evander behind us. He looked a little disgusted too, like he absolutely didn't understand how Austin could disregard a mate bond to be wi
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