Author's Note

Sept 26, 2022

Hello, lovelies!

I only have 4-6 chapters left before we close this book and this series. And my emotions were already all over the place. I am a very emotional person, (as you can tell from my stories and my characters), so I am having a hard time writing them because I want to give justice to the series ending.

If I don't update tomorrow, please be assured I will still finish the book before Friday.

I don't want to rush into writing it because this series (these lovely characters) has been part of my life for a whole year, and they deserve a good exit.

September 26 of last year, was the day I signed my contract with GN for He's My Alpha, and it's ironic how it came full circle in a year - with the series ending in the same week as it was launched. So I am being nostalgic and, at the same time, grateful for the opportunity to share the stories in my head and at the same time grow as a writer. *..I'm not crying..*

So bear with me, and know that I will do my best to give you a wonderful series ending.

Thank you, lovelies, for a whole year of reading and showering my books with GEMS. All my books (all six of them) are over 10,000 gems each, which only tells me how well supported I am by you -- so thank YOU! *ugly cries because you are all awesome*

Sending hugs to everyone especially those who were with me since He's My Alpha and didn't leave despite the bad grammar and pronouns mix-ups.

You all are my biggest driving force to keep writing!

***This is not the end yet, more chapters to come, so just hang in there!***

xoxo, Cassandra M

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Annette Barber
I love ur books and I hope they make TV Shows on Syfi out of ur books people would be hook
goodnovel comment avatar
Sad that this book is near end.. But iam excited to read BLACK SHADOW PACK MATE BOND COLLECTION....
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Martje De Vries
With you since he is my Alpha, Jacob is the best for ever and ever…. (I still love the first covers more than the new ones… but I get why they need to be changed) I will follow your writing to the moon and back.

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