6. Desired Dreams.

“What the hell is that psychotic bitch spewing about?” I asked Maria breaking the silence that crowded between the three of us.

“W..well you see” she stuttered looking everywhere but at us.

“Stop stuttering!” I yelled completely aggravated, “You ditched us so you could eat lunch with Regina isn't it?” I asked the most obvious question I knew the answer to.

Meanwhile Steff stood completely calm and relaxed as if none of this bothered him the least. But I could tell by his stance that he was definitely not ok with what he had just heard.

“I was about to see you guys for lunch when I heard someone calling my name and the next thing I know was that Regina and her possy we're pulling me along to lunch”

“I’m sorry I never intended to ditch you guys I wanted to text or call so badly but she would always snatch my phone” she finished off looking a bit sad.

“And what about the party this Saturday which is suppose to be your welcoming party?” I questioned because there's no way in hell she was going anywhere!

“I wasn't planning on going” she snapped as if offended while twisting her fingers together something she'd normally do when she's nervous.

I hope for the benefit of the doubt she was right about everything. Regina would definitely stoop this low trying to steal my best friend for payback or better yet planning my demise. How typical of her.

“Good now don't you ever do something like that again you nearly gave me a heart attack!” I exaggerated dragging her into a tight hug, oh how I missed her.

“Just make sure if something like that was to happen again you think of an idea that will get you the hell out of there” I laughed but I was dead serious.

“I need to get to class” Steff voiced walking off without another word.

“Don’t worry he just need some time to cool off no biggie he'll be perfectly fine by the end of day” I stated to her with a smile trying to ease the tension that was on her face.

“Come on now let's head on to class”

If I knew Steff it was that his ego was slightly bruised thinking that Maria would rather to spend the day with a bitch rather than him.

As soon as it was the end of the day I was on my out I spotted Kristrin and Steffon whisper yelling at each other while Kristrin’s friends quietly stood to the side. It was really strange because it had been the first I've ever seen both taking to each other.

The look on Kristrin's gorgeous face showed he was deadly serious while Steff had a pissed off look sporting on his. It must be really important for both to be whispering aggressively as if they wanted to rip each other apart.

And just like that the twins Maurice and Marco spotted me staring at both individuals that were too head deep within the conversation to even recognize me. Maurice then got Kristrin’s attention while tilting his head my direction.

All five turned there gazes towards me nothing could stop my anxiety from going haywire. The look that Kristrin gave me was one of an intensified glare making me gasp and cower a little. Oh dear lord I hope that glare was not intentionally directly at me but at the situation they'd been discussing. I mean I did nothing wrong!

They all then walked away towards there own cars as I sighed with relief.

“What was that all about?”

“It’s nothing where’s maria?” he asked ignoring the question.


“Not now Anna!”

“Stop ignoring my question”


“Fine!” I yelled walking off towards his car.

“Stupid jerk” I muttered rolling my eyes but at least I was going home.


“Mom, dad I'm home!” I sang tiredly dragging my nap sack on the ground while Maria and Antonio walked ahead of me.

“Anna stop being a lazy bug” Mom gestured towards to the bag making a horrible noise on the ground while kissing Antonio.

“Honey I know your tired but please pick that nap sack up”

“Where’s dad” I asked looking around.

“He’s working late today hun”

“Ok well I’m going to my room now”

Hitting my bed was the nicest thing I've ever felt.....well other than been in Kristrin’s arms I thought but would never admit. I couldn't even make it to have a shower right now I'll do just that after a quick nap. Maybe I'll be a bit energized afterward.

“So I heard there's a football match this Friday and I truly hope your going” Maria stated rather than asking and taking a seat on my bed.

Doesn't she have a room of her own?

“Nope” I whispered drifting off to sleep.

“Well I want to go and in order for me to go you’ll have to go with me”

Of course mom wouldn't let her go on her own how typical.

“Oh I'm not going” I stated.

“But Anna you have to there's this boy at school and.... I really want for us to go”

“You didn't tell me of meeting any boys today?” I perked up more interested than I was a minute ago.

“Well it’s not like we had much time today”

“So who’s the lucky guy” I teased curiously I've been there for years I'd definitely know if he was worth my best friend’s time.

“I can't tell” she blushed looking anywhere but at me. God he's even made a great impression on her for her first day.

“Will you go with me please” she begged giving me her best puppy eyes.

Should I tell her about my phobia.....Well it's not like most of the attention would be on me anyway and how could I say no to those puppy eyes. But what about Steff can I betray him by helping her win over another guy's heart while he’s been crushing on her since like forever?

“Maria I don't know” I trailed off.

“Just think about it....ok” I nodded.

But then again this boy could also be Steff I thought laying back down. My eye lids felt heavy as I slipped away into a deep slumber. And Just when I thought I'd have my moment of glory someone had to bang on my door.

“Leave me alone” I groaned rolling over to the other side of my bed.

The knocking became rapid one after the other. Sighing in frustrated I pushed myself off the bed cursing the person who decided to wake me up.

“What the he...” I was shocked at the sight of the person who stood at my bedroom door .

“W..what are you doing here and how did you get in?” I asked stuttering unable to comprehend the meaning behind his sudden appearance.

“Well hello to you too princess” the intruder smirked at me before pushing my bedroom door wider to come inside.

“How did you get inside?” I asked once more Surely mom didn't let him in and definitely not dad it must of been Maria or Antonio.

He then layed down on my bed and patted beside him for me to sit.

“So this is your room” he spoke assessing his surroundings with such curiosity.

“Um yes” I answered nervously looking at the stuffed teddy bears that scattered the room. My room must of look like a freaking teddy bear factory.


I took a seat on the sofa which was aligned to the left side of the room as he sat on my bed staring directly at me making me blush and cower away from his intense gaze.

The room suddenly felt too small, “Um maybe we should go out..”

“Let’s cut the crap you know exactly why I’m here bella”

My heart rate spiked.

“ I don't” I quickly replied standing up as he got off the bed.

“W..what are you d..doing?” I stuttered taking a step back towards the door as he made a step towards me.

He smirked “Nothing you wouldn't want bella”

He took another step forward as I took another nervous step back my heart was now erratically pounding within my chest.

“I think should go” I whispered looking everywhere but at him while blushing furiously.

Why was I blushing?

“Now now bella you know I can't do that now can I?”

“W..why can't you”

“Because you don't want me to”

Of course I didn't want him to but at the same time I felt nervous I have no experience in this department and Kristrin was doing the exact opposite of making me feel uneasy.

“My dad could be here any minute I don't think he'd like this very much” My dad would have my head if he knew a boy was inside my room.

“I know” he replied monotone like.

I realized I had reached the door and made a swift dash to hurriedly open it but that was short lived as I felt Kristrin slam the door shut behind me. His hot minty breath fanned the back of my nape as I slowly turned around to be met with a michevious Kristrin just centimeters away.

“You’ve been a very naughty girl bella” he whispered seductively in my ear.

My nostrils flared as I soaked in his manly fragrance. My heart pounded within my chest screaming at me to pull him even more closer while my brain protectively told me to run.

A soft moan escaped my lips as my hands found the side of his shirt.

“Good girl”

“Kristrin” I moaned as he kissed the lining within my nape.

Butterflies erupted within my stomach sending shock wave of tingles through out my body. My breathing hitched as he moved from the nape of my neck to staring darkly at the center of my lips.

I pushed the thought of someone catching us to the back of my mind the nervousness I once had now gone.

“You want me to kiss you don't you bella” he whispered blowing his hot breath upon my lips.

“Tell me what you want bella”

He brushed his lips against mine and I gasped at the electric shock running through my body from that one contact.

“Kiss me.....please” I begged pushing myself off the door and up against him needing more friction between us.

He aggressively smashed his lips against mine as I tasted a moment of bliss. I flung my arms around his neck and grasped his hair within my hands for better access.

I could definitely get use to this!

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