48. The final score.


"Hey" I turned around to see the one person I should not be seeing at this given moment when Kristin was around. But at least he's in one peace.

"Sorry I wasn't able to take your calls, I was kinda busy with training and stuff" Sebastian said to me.

"That's ok, so have you heard anything knew?" I questioned suspiciously.

"You mean with regards to your boyfriend's proposal?" He smiled.

"Yeah, so what do you think about it?" I questioned trying to sound as if I knew what Kristin had proposed.

"Yeah I think it's a great deal you know" he smiled.

"Yeah I think so too, so your planning on going through with it, no hesitations" I questioned him.

"Yeah why wouldn't I?" Sebastian asked looking a bit skeptical at me.

Why wont he just come out with it!

"I'm glad to see you and Kristrin getting along well" I smiled.

He just stood there smiling at me like he knew I wanted to ask what Kristin proposed to him but he just would not say damn it!

"So your comfortable with coming over to our teams
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