Chapter 11 : Unwanted Attraction.



“Give me your hand, Maria.”


“Why else would I be asking for your hand?”

She didn’t know why she was arguing, really. The only reason he would be asking for her hand would be to help her treat her injuries—or to inflict more, but from the look on his face, she was leaning towards the former.

The question was; why did he want to help her? Wasn’t he the same person that hard ordered the man to cut her hand?

Nevertheless, she couldn’t refuse him. Not because she particularly wanted to, but because she had no choice. She really needed it to be treated. Even if it meant being civil with the one man she couldn’t stand right now. Even if it meant that he would do the treating.

Why hadn’t he just asked Edgar to do it? That man treated her better than any other person on this damn realm.

Gingerly, she extended her hand to him, expecting him to smirk at her cruelly and mock her. Maybe she would find out that he didn’t really want to help her. Maybe he would throw her into he
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