Chapter 320

Sofia’s pov

I unbuckled his belt and pulled it out of the loops, and then I tugged it downwards to pull out his dick. And once again, I got floored by how big he was. It’s so absurd that something as big as this was eventually going to go inside of me, but seeing as my insides could also stretch out really well, I was only intrigued and eager for that to happen.

I slide my hand over his dick and brought up my other hand to it, because as usual, one of my hand just wasn’t enough to fully reach around his whole grit, that was how big he was.

I glanced up at him in reassurance and he smiled down at me a little this time, as he stroked my hair in encouragement and he mouthed something that was undoubtedly along the line of ‘bunny’, and so I got to work.

I slide my hands lower and leaned forward to lick over the tip of his dick. It was already leaking a little and as soon as his taste exploded on my tongue, I couldn’t suppress the shudder that enveloped me even if I had wanted to.

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