8. Kate

When I came out of the exam room I didn’t wait for my friends, I just sprinted back to my room trying to delay the tears. I almost knocked poor Matt into the wall as I shoved my way through, not wanting to hear how everyone else found it easy.

All I know is that I have never performed so badly in my life.

I knew my notes! The examples, the studying it was all there in my mind. Until it wasn’t. Sitting down and opening the test papers in the musty dark room I could barely make out the questions. There were words for sure, but I couldn’t even work out the meaning of the question let alone come up with intelligent answers.

My heart raced, in the silent exam room my eyes searched around, the other twenty students in my class all furiously scribbling. I had nothing. What were they writing? I squinted, rubbed my eyes, inhaled, and kept trying but nothing came together. Perhaps I was having some form of panic attack?

With twenty minutes to go I just wrote as much as I could in general terms
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