Chapter 51

Third Person's P.O.V.

Helena's eyes widened watching Jasmine's condition. Not a single word left her mouth, she was shocked as she looked at the most unexpected tragedy she had ever thought she'd have to face.

None had ever thought Jasmine would do something like this after knowing how deadly a Vampire's mark was for a human.

Elijah couldn't get himself to believe what he was seeing right now. It was one of the very few things he had feared but he had never even imagined that he would have to see Jasmine like this. Surely he did not like Jasmine at first but now as he finally wanted to accept her as his sons' mate, it pained him that the girl who loved his sons selflessly was now gone...

But among all these emotions, Elijah also had to face the guilt— For all those degrading things he have said to Jasmine and for all his insulting remarks.

But how could he even Apologise? Jasmine was no longer alive.

Lucien, Micheal, and Archer were silently looking at their mate, their tears did not
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