Lucien zipped up my dress from the back, and Archer was busy admiring me and sometimes either tucking a piece of my hair strand behind my ear or sometimes simply just caressing my face.

Micheal stood beside me and silently watched me or I could say was sneaking inside my head.

Today was the crowning ceremony or if I said it the way my mates addressed it, 'The start of a new journey.'

I was nervous, in fact, it would be an understatement to say it this way.

The feeling I was going through could not be described in words. This was not only a ceremony or an announcement for me, there were going to be a lot of responsibilities that were going to come with it.

Even though everyone fully believed me, I still couldn't stop worrying. This was a big day for me, and the journey ahead was going to be full of ups and downs but that was not what I was afraid of; The only thing that scared me was that I did not want to disappoint my mates, I feared that I was going to fail to meet their e
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