Dark Descendant

Dark Descendant

By:  Varga Nurlela Blafire  Ongoing
Language: English
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Venus has a lousy dad and an annoying stepmom. However, that's enough to end there; because her dad (who turned out to be not her real dad) threw her into darkness, which led her to another dimension called Second Earth, a world where the volts, humans with Talent, live. Like someone who feels lucky, she feels like she was given a second, more decent life. It, as it turned out, wasn't quite what she had thought. She had only been there a few days and was sentenced to death. Not to mention the fact about who her real biological parents are. As if that wasn't enough, it was as if her mind was infiltrated by a demon who claimed to be her great-grandfather. Happiness seemed to be eroded little by little from her and she felt that life as a homeless person on First Earth, her original world, would feel better than here. Her heart became more and more shrouded in gloom and she transformed into the image of someone that the people of Second Earth wanted. Being a bad person wasn't her choice in the first place, but hell could handle it, Venus thought. She was tired of being a good person. Then will her ending be as easy as she imagined? Will she be able to turn back into what one would call a good girl? Or is her path to being a sadistic and cruel person the best for her? The destiny of a dark descendant. Will her story be different?

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79 Chapters
Fake Sweetness
“Is she really not at home?” Venus muttered to herself.The girl lives in Koba, Central Bangka, where everything feels so close to her. She had just returned from school, changed her clothes, and went straight to the kitchen. Today the event at her school was just doing community service. The worst part is, the sellers in the canteen seems like they just decided to take a break from selling together somehow. There was only one and the itinerant vendor didn't provide heavy food such as rice or something. Fortunately, this community service didn't reach midday.Even so, for some reason, Venus thinks eating at home is better, than eating at a tavern and wasting her pocket money. Moreover, she also believes that her stepmom is out. One of her friends claimed to see her stepmom riding in her friend's car. Whatever it is, Venus remains wary. She decided to just give up, even though she wasn't quite sure.Of course, giving up is a bad sign.“Ah, honey. What are you doing?”The voice was so sw
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Her Strength
A few minutes later, after her lonely eating event which was as gloomy as the gray clouds, Venus is already in Tanjung Beach, not far from where she ate before. The girl sits on one of the fallen trees. Beside her, grew a few trees that she didn't know exactly what their name was. A breeze brings with its salty scent of sea water, lulling the mind of anyone who inhales it. The fishy smell of the sea can be faintly wafted from the murky shoreline.Venus turned her head and saw several people kneeling on the shore some distance from her. Three small children seemed to be chasing each other. Their laughter was carried along by the wind, even as they plunged into the rather murky water. Those on their knees seemed to be digging for sand and occasionally stuffing things into containers such as plastic bags or jars. Venus guessed they were looking for mussels. One of them turned to look at her. The woman seemed to grin. It's hard to see the details of a person's face at that distance.Venus
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Strange Thing
Venus is still there when the sky began to turn orange. She no longer cried. The object she is still holding had given its own strength to her. It was only a photograph, but Venus always learned many things from it as if her mother's soul live there, always there whenever Venus needs. Suddenly a voice startled her. The attention of the girl was momentarily diverted. She tilted her head to listen more closely. It was very clear that the girl's hearing wasn't wrong. However, she wasn't sure. The sound was like the sound of something spinning. Venus kept looking back and forth then found something behind her.The girl looked down; maybe a little too narrowed eyes.From among the deciduous shrubs, a spiral black color appeared. The object continued to spin with a very slow hum. Venus blinked, trying to understand what she was seeing. Venus tilted her head slightly. She would be ashamed of herself if that thing suddenly decided to attack her nose.Venus turned around while putting her moth
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Painful Truth
A sudden noise woke Venus. The girl struggled to open her eyes and flicker at the clock. Eight o'clock at night.Venus complained and cursed in her heart as she hugged back her bolster pillow. A second later she sat shocked when the door to her room was banged from outside.“VENUS!”Venus complained again. That's her
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Emptiness in The Darkness
Venus woke with surprise in the dark. She realized she was floating in a state of standing. Her body seemed to be in bottomless darkness. Venus wanted to cry again, but she thought she had to endure it. Venus is at the neck of death, she can't cry, even when there's nothing to cry about, no matter how hard she feels in her chest. Instead, Venus took a deep breath and exhaled slowly despite shaking.Then, Death embraced her.Venus's neck began to suffocate by the chain of nothingness. At first, sl
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Second Earth
Venus woke up as her body slid out of what felt like a sliding tube. Or at least she thought so. Venus stepped on the ground unsteady, and would have fallen down if there were no hands to help her. Venus looked at the ground she was walking on with a happy face.“Wow, I'm not going to die!” said Venus happy while smiling broadly, simplifying the true feeling of her happiness.Venus looked at the white circle where she came out. The glowing circle was now gloomy. Venus looked up and found only darkness. Her eyesight turned to the two people who helped her; a man with a fierce expression and a friendly-faced woman. The woman smiled. Venus had never seen them before.“What is this?” Venus asked doubtfully. “Is this… some kind of new technology that anyone can order?”The fierce man replied rather irritably, “I don't know what you mean! Just for information, this is not your Earth! This is the world of volts, Miss, and now you stand under the Black Porch.”Venus gawk. Which area is it from
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Volta Juana
A few minutes later they arrived in front of the open black gate. The door is too small compared to the wall, but also larger than the gate in general. In front of that door, stood a short guy with a face like a baby.“Hey, where is the Portal Keeper who is supposed to drop you off?” Lan asked worriedly.The boy slipped his hand in his pants pocket. “His friend who was guarding the portal was in trouble, so he told me to wait here and join other guards if anyone passed,” t
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New Friends
Venus thought they would also be delivered into the building after Meres opened the door. However, it turns out there is someone who has been waiting behind the door to greet, or rather, trying to intimidate them. That person is a middle-aged man with a big and muscular body. His gaze was so cold with his lips that were always puckered. In Venus's eyes, Meres seemed even friendlier than this person.“Is it over?” the man asked Meres in a deep voice.Meres just nodded, and then he left
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A Little Concern
“Ahem!”Shocked, Venus turned around and saw a burly boy standing beside Virzash. The stranger's face was quite childish, but Venus didn't consider him like a baby at all. His skin is a little dark. Her slightly brown hair was cut in such a way, with a middle part and bangs. As far as Venus is concerned, it was the style of Korean idols on the First Earth. There was a suspicious red stain on the front of his plain white shirt.In essence, that guy already looks cool without having to
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The Double
Mrs. Mana scans her tablet with concentration, and then starts to call out the names of the new kids randomly. The first kid is called Kirka Sorawa. The girl was small and thin, with a typical freckled face. She walked stumbling and almost tripped on the podium, though Venus estimates that the height of the podium was not until a span. Venus was so tense, that even her scalp felt itchy. It is really annoying.“Stand in the center, darling,” said Mrs. Mana pretentiously sweet.Kirka ne
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