Forgotten Embers

Forgotten Embers

By:  Ryoshi  Completed
Language: English
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Now a land of thriving industry, leading innovation, great magicians, powerful armies, and world renown, the kingdom of Altruon is in its strength. However, when Tyberion Ibori, a member of the elite team of military intelligence officers known as the High Colonels, is declared missing, his daughter, Avera, finds herself running from the modern society she once called home. Seeking peace and solitude, Avera escapes to the abandoned ruins of the former capital, but what she finds there is a secret which will change her world and Altruon forever.

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87 Chapters
Prologue I: World IntroductionThis is a tale of Altruon, a magnificent kingdom from a world apart. Positioned comfortably in the south on the mid-eastern plate of Caldor, the kingdom of Altruon has seen much success throughout its time under the reign of a long line of benevolent and virtuous k
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City of Ruins
Pyre, Old CapitalElul 9, 3133 (20 years later)Zephyr Almast, King
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The Librarian
The room where he stood was broad and lined with wooden shelves filled with books, the same which filled the floor space all around him. It was a grand hall with lofty ceilings, marble floors, broad doorways, and a well-polished wooden desk at the front in the center of it all to help and direct those who would come in search of a librarian for guidance. The main hall of the library and its trappings were magnificent. Even at a glance, it could be known that the craftsmanship was matchless - the carvings, the paintings, the bindings, everything had been done with such enduring perfection and careful planning. Yet, beyond that, there was much more grandeur and detail than the sh
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The Light
She followed as he led her down the slender stairwell. The passage was deprived of light, and the unfamiliarity of it frightened her. Benjamin stopped suddenly, placing his hand upon an intricate engraving in the stone wall to the right of the narrow corridor. The etching was that of a threefold cord, wrapping around its own design, its pointed circles interlocking in a timeless puzzle of endless knots. There were cords which ran from the tangled image, stretching from it one way upward and the other down into the depths of the library's hidden chambers. 'What is he doing?'She watched him as he took a breath and slowly exhaled. As he di
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Who Are You
Her eyes blinked open and all she could see was the face of the unfamiliar ceiling by the light of the dim lamp. 'Where am I?' She blinked again, her head still thick with the remnants of slumber. 'The dark here reminds me of the shadows at twilight.'
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The Dignitary
She opened her eyes to the simulated light of the morning, the torches burning their peculiar light, and she felt a strange peace. The unfamiliar room with its simple walls and homespun atmosphere left her with a sense of calm. Even in the midst of all its mystery, there was a comfort which she garnered from this newfound reality.She thought back on the events of the prior evening and her face twisted to a nervous smile. 'I probably shouldn't be staying
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The great doors of the banqueting hall were opened by the courteous hand of her benevolent host. "After you," he muttered with a bow.The door had opened to reveal a bright room bustling with life. The pleasant sounds of laughter and friendly chatter echoed throughout the spacious hall. There were grand staircases which curved and ascended either wall, leading up to a magnificent balcony overlooking the glorious sight from the far side of the room. The table was set with baskets of fruits and beads and meats stylishly arranged
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You Haven't Met
She was tall, certainly taller than he was, he being quite unremarkable in many ways. He was a man of ordinary height and stature, whereas she was a woman of stretched appearance. She was fair skinned with soft grey-blue eyes and long, silvery hair which she had pulled back loosely in a tie. She wore a dark cloak over her light blue cloth button dress which fell around her ankles, and he his usual suit jacket with a vest and tie.They walked together through the crowd of people gathered around the large wooden platform, anxiously awaiting the next scheduled speaker, and she wondered how they would slip away in the sea of unfamiliar faces. He had tried to lose himself in the crowd, becoming a part of the masses, but she was surprised that they hadn't been stopped yet by anyone. That was something she remembered well, being stopped, especially with him, and he was always so happy and willi
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Dorothy Trimble
She wasn't like the others. It was hard to say what exactly, but there was something different about her. Avera watched through the raindrops on the window pane as she dismounted, Benjamin assisting her down from the dapple horse she rode. Water poured off of the cloak and her feet sank down as she planted them firmly on the muddied ground. The woman's dark, mud spattered cloak and boots were a stark contrast to Benjamin's elaborate rainy day ensemble of a clean, bright royal blue. The entirety of the afternoon had been masked by heavy rains which now blew upon Dorothy and Benjamin as he grabbed at the reigns, seeking to stable the horse.
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Folklore and Fairytales
Benjamin looked up at the ceiling, carefully considering his words."Have you ever heard of the raids?" he asked her genuinely as he tried to determine how much of an explanation was warranted."Not... really," she admitted somewhat nervously.'I wonder how differently I would have responded had I not heard Kypher mention it last night. I hope he's not concerned I wasn't more surprised. But...'"Very well, then," Benjamin replied thoughtfully with his usual friendliness and calm.She smiled, relieved. 'He doesn't seem bothered.' "Have yo
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