Everleigh POV

"Alright!" I cheered the crowd making them go wild. "Who wants some more!!"

They shout with a loud noise they could make. I loved it!

"After this, we will have our dance battles!! Let's go!"

I scratch the cd and put a hype beat, causing the crowd to wild on stage.

My father doesn't know I participate in this kind of parties. Actually, I made this bar like this. I found the normal bar with parties and drinkings boring, so I made up segments.

I lowered my black cap to hide my eyes, I do have a white mask on to hide my face. I wore a white tank top with a black jacket on, together with my ripped jeans and sneakers. 

Rick and Perry was the best DJ's here.I wanted to try ever since, making music, I'm fond it; in result I participated in. Eventually, the crowd loved me.

I'm a dancer and a musician, and just a bit singing.

"Drinks are up to me tonight!!" I shouted. The crowd never fails to be amused. 

Loud bangs makes my chest bump with vibration. Crowds voices synchronizes with the music and beats. I could even here them saying, "Ey, ey, ey, ey!"

My ear only vibrates as the music enters my system. This place makes me lift up my mood every night. This prevents my nightmares.

While mixing songs, I looked at Raven who is intently staring at me with his smug looking face. 

My first impression about him is wrong. I thought he is cold, but I think he is not. 

I ignored his presences and made my night more fun!

Later, I'm gonna hunt for someone who could warm me a bit tonight.

Time for the dance battle!

And I spotted one hot guy.

Many participated and own the dance floor. They exploded with much competitive moves that gives 'whoah' factor to the audiences. I also wanted to dance, but I'm a bit conscious of my moves seeing Raven looking at me. 

Why am I being conscious?

Maybe just the fact that he is guarding me and it pisses me off? Maybe that's it, that's it.

After my turn, Perry and Rick placed me. They are encharge of the dance for all.

I went back stage and removed my mask. There's a table loaded with bottles of alcoholic beverages. I have low tolerance on alcohol, so I drink alone at our house.

But suddenly, I remembered something in the past that makes me want to drink up a whole bottle. 

I grab one bottle sat down. 

There's no people here, even Raven. Speaking of him, where did he go?

I closed my eyes hard as soon as I gulped the drink. There's a peircing hot chemical in my throat that makes me want to vomit. The heat crawls up to my cheeks. There is a burning sensation.

"The hell! It sucks!"

I put the bottle down on the table. I was surprised seeing it was half!

"Oh! Amazing!"

I smirked. I felt dizzy now. It's so great! This is the feeling I really wanted. I do have courage for everything.

I want to find the hot guy!

But my smirked suddenly subside. I looked at my pearl bracelet; It was the every first bracelet Jackson gave to me. 

"Why can't I throw you away?" I asked, as if the bracelet would respond. 

I looked up to prevent my tears to build up, but suddenly, I felt dizzy with the sudden movement of my head. 

I tried several times trying to get rid of Jackson in my system. In the end, I couldn't just throw away the memories we had. His gifts and things he gave to me. His messages, his all of him.

"Shit," I cursed, "I thought I moved on... How could you just leave me, Jackson? Why am I not enough? Is it because I didn't give you my body? Fuck that stupid reason."

I felt my tears build up.

"Love isn't about giving your body, it is only a part of memories you make. Love is more deeper than that." I felt a little bang on my chest when I heard Raven's voice. It is deep with a bit of husky, making it sound so sexy—why am I complementing him?!!

He took my bottle aways from my hand.

"You are drunk, Ms. Scott. I think you aren't good at drinking."

I didn't looked at him—I couldn't look at him! I'm embarrassed he saw me saying drama things!

"What a word from you, Mr. Body Guard. You might sound professional if you'll continue."

"I believe you already knew what was I meant of,"

"Of course, I do!" I stand, but my dizziness betrayed me. He was about to hold my hand when I gestured him to stop. 

I don't want to be burden to him! I can manage.

"I can walk straight, I can do this. Balance is my thing, perks of being a dancer."

He sighed and massage his temple. 

"Believe me! I'll kick your face if you'll help me! I swear!"

"Lower your voice, Ms. Scott. I can hear you loud and clear here."

As I started walking, the world spins. And something made me laugh. I'm seeing Raven, four of them!


"Ms. Scott! Watch out for the chair, you are in the wrong way, and stop laughing," 

I smirked at him. "Don't fool me. You got twins, why didn't you tell me. You four could warm up my bed tonight. HAHAHA! Kidding!"

"Ms. Scott!"

As soon as I face my front. A hard bump on my forehead made me saw flying birds around my head. I saw Raven leaning down on my face before everthing went black.


I opened my eyes and roamed my sight around. I was in my room, Raven must have . I was about to sit, when I felt a banging head ache. I held my head as I sit and lean my back on the head board.

One thing that I always regret is I always remember how embarrassing I was whenever I'm drunk. I'm totally aware of myself, but I can't control completely how my mind would work.

The door clicks and then opens. Raven carefully enters with a tray loaded with bowl and a glass of water.

"You are awake," he pushed the door to close using his feet. "Your driver, Mr. Hunderson, said you like chicken soup to sober up. I cooked."

He put the tray on my desk placed near my bed, then, he sat down beside me.

"You know how to cook?" I asked.

"For someone living alone, I must know how."

My mouth formed 'o'. I felt a bit pity. So he is living alone? There is no one waiting for him? Longing for him to come home?

"That must be great," he looked at me. I was again fascinated with his eyes, "no one knows you, nothing is suffocating. No guards, nothing to worry with so many nags and cautions. Totally living in my own world and peace of mind."

His lips curved. 

He smirked!

He pick up the bowl and spoon. I thought he was going to give it to me, but I was surprised when he scoop and blew on it, before putting in front of my mouth. 

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Feeding you, if you want."

"You are my body guard, not a maid."

He didn't move the spoon. "I can be whoever you want me to. As long as your Dad pays me." He tilted his head.

I don't know but he look to hot.

Damn, Everleigh, you still drunk?

"Give me that, I can eat myself." He brought back the spoon and give me the bowl. I scooped and blew. "You sure you can be whoever I want?"

"Whoever you want, Ms. Scott."

"Okay! I want you to be my...maid. Should I call you nanny?"

"Don't call me nanny—"

"Oh, and you should probably dress up like a maid, too!"

"Your voice gets loud every time. Lower, Ms. Scott."

"You're my maid, from now on," I said with my lower tone of voice.

He agreed with a frown face. He needs money, so better do his job properly.

Suddenly, my brows furrowed when I realized something. "Hey! Don't talk back to me! You are my body guard. Don't get too easy on me, huh! Aren't you afraid of me?"

He tilted his head. "Why would I be afraid, Ms. Scott? Besides, your father, Mr. Scott already told me to not be afraid and treat you with ease." He looked at me like he's examining every part of me. "There's nothing to be afraid of you. I don't understand why your guards and maids told me to be careful."

I scoffed. "Whatever!"

He waited for me to finish my soup. It taste so good. I remember my meal when I was kidnapped. Where is he now? I didn't even know his name.

After he left me in escaped. He came back to their hideout. The only thing that I heard was the news from the television that their hide out was been raid. Some are dead due to the encounter. The leader was caught. The police say's the leader wasn't the after all. They concluded that those kidnappers are just one of the divided teams and groups with different responsibilities. 

Investigators talk to Dad. They said that maybe they used me to scare Dad, which is a thing that is inevitable due to his high status.

I really hope he's not one of those who were killed. For the weeks I was with him, I thought of him as a nice person. I wish I could see him and thank him for saving me. I would be very glad if he would be my friend. I know he's there for reason. 

He cared for me like a precious thing he had back then, even though he didn't know me at all. I felt his sincerity. I wish he was here so I can talk to him all the time.

As soon as I finished eating, I gave it him. He put it on the table, then he pick up the glass of water and helped me drunk. I felt like a little kid, though I am 20 years old.

"Do you long for someone?" I asked out of the blue. " for someone you don't if that person remembers you?"

He looked at me "I used to, but now I don't."


"I already found that person. That's why I'm doing efforts though I secretly cared."


"That person doesn't know me." He stood. "I'm going to bring it back to the kitchen—"

"Wait! You're coming back here?"

He shook his head. "No, Ms. Scott, I'm going home. It's 1:50 am."

I looked at the wall clock. "Oh, right."

"Unless you want me to stay here. I'm living alone so there's no one waiting for me though. I'll be right back."

He held the tray and walks towards the door, but as soon as he held the door knob, I called him again.

"Raven," My heart suddenly felt weird when I called him to his name. 

With confused eyes, he looked at me.

"Stay here, you can put that tray here."

"As you said, Ms. Scott." He smiled and put back the tray on my desk. 

He sat down on the chair and roam his eyes around the room. "You still feel dizzy?"

"A bit."

"Do you remember what happened?"

"That's my power," I said, making laugh a bit. "I-I'm sorry, I'm so embarrassing."

He shifted his sitting position and face me. "Well, I, too. Whenever I get drunk in a bar."

My eyes grew big and look at him in the eye. "What?!"

He arched his brows. "I bet you didn't find me as not a drinker, Ms. Scott?"

I crossed my hands. "W-Well, I didn't... I didn't thought of that,"

His lips curved a bit. I looked away. I admit, I find him attracted whenever he do that.

"Ms. Scott," he stood, "your father said enrollment for college is next week, you need to prepare. Mr. Hunderson said you still didn't."

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah,"

Now I'm annoyed, like he talks to me like he's about to nag. 

"I'm afraid I really have to go, see you tomorrow, Ms. Scott. Have a good sleep." 

He bowed his head before leaving my room.

For some reason, I feel alone, lonely.

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