Chapter 124


I can barely breathe, too hyperaware of the hot man standing behind me. Every heartbeat, every breath; I can sense it all.

"I asked you a question," Zane murmurs, but his tone tells me he isn't in a rush. He knows what he does to me, and his large hands are stroking my skin but not quite going as low as I want them.

I close my eyes. Zane's hands are between my thighs, and I stand deathly still, enjoying his touch.

Every movement is deliberate and agonizingly slow. Zane is on a mission to drive me insane with desire, probably knowing I'm close to screaming and bossing him around to just take me already.

He is toying with me.

"Shirley?" Zane's whisper is a tease. His lips press against the nape of my neck, and his fingertips teasingly slide lower. "Ask me to pleasure you, Shirley. I know you want it."

He is right.

I'm shaking, and my pregnancy hormones are through the roof. I want to be taken care of. It's not fair that the man I like is right here, naked and ready to
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goodnovel comment avatar
Did they have sex on the bathroom shower floor? Or did they move into a room? This chapter seemed like their sex was a quicky or Zane couldn’t hold it long enough.
goodnovel comment avatar
Whoo, that’s hot. Love it!! And thank you for the extra chapter!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Queen Harley
Thank u thank u thank u thank u

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