Chapter 94 Healed

A week after the incident, Amelia Stepanov-Wright has become the household talk in the country after taking down the robbers and saving the hostages' lives.

Footage of how she promptly assaulted the men has been all over the news and it earned different reactions. Most are bewildered by her skill with a gun. Like the officers, no one had expected such a frail and innocent-looking girl could pull out such mastery.

Being associated with the Wrights and Petrov instantly secured her a spot in society, however, seeing her other side earned her a new and distinct reputation. The fierce wife of the Mafia Boss. Contrary to her previous status of being a stray cat, everyone now has a clear perspective of who she is.

Her presence has never left unnoticed. Everybody seems to be going out of their way to interact with her. Even her met glance affects those who try to have her attention. Like a celebrity, she walks under the limelight of everyone's admiring attention.

"Should we set a tariff for
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Thanks! I forgot Gabriel, sorry. Oooh that book would be awesome too
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hello Tara-Jing, not yet. but if my brain permits me to write their story, I definitely would. ;-)
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Do you have a sequel for Sam and Gabriel’s story? I can’t wait for it!!!

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