Chapter 90 - The End

Now when she knew that Greyson had finally died, she couldn't help but replay everything that happened with her in a few hours as well as everything that she got to know from the moon goddess. With each passing second, it is becoming harder for her to accept that so many people died only to save her. She covered her face with her hands and started sobbing loudly. Her sobs are breaking Ryan's heart, but he is unable to do anything. He can feel the emotional burden that she is feeling, but he knows that there is nothing anyone can do about it. Truth is always bitter and hard to accept.


Aadhya is still in the same room, and her crying has not stopped even after half an hour of Greyson's death. The acid was concentrated enough to kill him, but his body was still not dissolved in it. Even some parts of Wilson's body are also floating in it. Ryan needed to take care of the matters outside, so he went away, but he could still feel
Mudita Upreti

Hello guys. I hope that you enjoyed the book thoroughly. I have some ideas for the next work, both in the fantasy genre and in the real-life-based genre... both the stories are similar to this... full of mystery and action. I am also planning to add humour this time. So, comment on what you guys would like to read. I am also planning to write a book on Dee's life, but I will release that in 2023. 

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Adaigbe Isioma
so so amazing
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Mudita Upreti
on vampires and witches?
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Inocencio Buenasflores Karen
awesome excellent story .. I love it..

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