Chapter Twelve


Killing the human was messy. I enjoyed it.

He slumped to the floor in a puddle of shattered bones and ruptured veins, held together by his skin sack. The lust for darkness gradually pulled back inside me. It was always a test, killing humans, seeing as I couldn’t drink their essence, the kill never strengthened me, only diminished, and yet, there was an addictive quality to the feeling. There were fae in the past who had gotten drunk on human pain. I wasn’t one, and I’d never be one.

However, this human had to die. He’d hurt Aria and tried to fight me. Laughable and pitiful, and yet, the arrogance of such an act couldn’t be unpunished. However, it had cost me.

As soon as I’d finished pulling the life from the worthless bag of bones that Aria had called, Vic, people had burst into the room. Blood was splattered far and wide, and two of the men who had entered turned and promptly vomited their stomach contents on the already sticky floor. The others had attempted to tackle me. I f
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