Gun shot

"Be careful where you point your dick of a gun at my brother!!" He yelled and the guy just laughed. His fingers were on the trigger and he pulled it.

What echoed next was a loud gunshot.

Felix had his eyes shut thinking he was the one but when he saw nothing happened, he opened his eyes again and looked up to find the guy dead on the floor.

He looked to his side to see his brother pointing a gun at them. "I told you guys not to mess with my brother," Franco said angrily.

The first guy from earlier laughed and looked around before pointing his gun at Felix too. "There are still five of us one and I can shoot you right now, aren't you scared?" He said in a mockery tone.

"To hell with all of you!" Franco spat and brought out another gun from his pocket, it shot two guys at once but the first guy shot him on the arm which made him groan in pain.

"Brother!!" Felix yelled and the first guy laughed, he pointed his gun on Franco and tried shooting but Franco dodged him immediately.

A fight br
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This is ridiculous chapter too short! One chapter every 24 hours! These apps should allowed to upload a book unless it’s completely finish!

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