Chapter 7

I woke up in a cell this time around, quite worse than my previous room. I laid on the ground for some minutes, not finding any strength to get up. It was dead quiet, like this was a different side of the building. I later discovered it was a basement, seeing a stairway leading up into the building.

There was a small malfunctioning bulb in the cell, which kept blinking repeatedly, obviously bad. It was really cold down here.

I slowly sat up against the wall, groaning loudly as sharp pains tore around my body. I looked down at my elbow which I remembered was completely damaged. A bile rose in my throat as I stared at it. Oh dear god, is this ever going to heal? I know if I don't get to see a doctor or it might get really infected. I knew if I were a real wolf I wouldn't bother about it. Hell! It would've healed by now.

I can swear I've never been this way, ever in my life. I felt incomplete and useless and worst of all, weak.

I couldn't heal fast and the bleeding hadn't stop. I felt lik
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