Coffee and Confirmation

Havermouth, Five Years Before

Heath woke as Cameron was dressing and turned to peer out the window where the blinds let in just a slither of light. The sky was only just beginning to lighten. Cameron was dressing for his morning chores, in torn worn jeans and a thick flannelette shirt. Rhett was a huddle on the other side of the bed, burrowed so deep into the covers that only a tuft of black hair was visible.

Heath sat up, easing out of the bed.

“You don’t have to get up,” Cameron whispered, pausing in the doorway.

Heath shrugged. “Might as well go to the gym. I’ll see you at school.”

The workout helped to clear Heath’s head, and he was feeling positive about the day ahead as he showered and dressed in his school uniform. His phone buzzed as he fixed his tie in the bathroom mirror and he checked the message. “F-k,” he ground out through his teeth in irritation.

Abigail had summoned them on Sunday night to a meeting at the Havermouth Estate.

“Ergh,” he groaned as he stuffed his t
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