Chasing Off Charlotte

Havermouth, Five Years Before

Charlotte was waiting at the grassy knoll at recess. Heath could tell from the expression on her face that she already knew what his response would be, but that she was helplessly drawn into having the confrontation. It wasn’t the first time that one of the human girls had needed to be told. Many just knew, and in knowing, did everything possible to avoid that final humiliation of rejection, but there had been three or four that had stubbornly refused to believe that they had been used until they were told.

Rhett had passed him in the hallway before second lesson and had told him that he had seen Aislen crying as Ms Grace took her into her office, and so that lesson had been spent with an unsettling dread, trying to figure out what had happened that Ms Grace had pulled Aislen out of class. Combined with the stress of knowing that the news that Aislen was their mate was spreading through his peers by way of Havermouth gossip, Heath didn’t have any patienc
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Everleigh Miles
Thank you. It has to be one of the most emotionally exhausting books that I have written. I am looking forward to writing Talen's story next though! I have some terrible things in store there too!
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Therese Paulsson
well at least his heart is hurting for what he did to her.
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Sonja Mallery
Heath admitted earlier that he made so many mistakes that this Triquetra was paying for - he’s correct - I don’t feel sorry for him …

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