Guilt and Blame

Havermouth, Five Years Before

Rhett didn’t hate mornings as much as he professed, though there were some days when he would prefer to stay up and sleep in late, a big part of him looked forward to Cameron’s hopeful nudges and coaxing into morning sex. He liked to feel his red-haired mate snuggle up to him, all warm and relaxed from sleep, and, whilst Rhett wasn’t a huge fan of morning breath, he did like the scent and taste of his mates’ skin first thing upon waking, that salty blend of all three of them and old come never failed to make him hard.

Four of them now, he added lazily as he surfaced out of sleep to the murmuring of Cameron and Aislen. Heath’s voice joined them and Aislen moaned. This was the future, he told himself experimentally. This was how the rest of his life would be, the Triquetra and Aislen, and eventually kids. It felt… weird. But, also, exciting. And frightening. F-k, he thought. Who needed coffee when there was the impending doom of Armageddon descending on yo
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