62. A Breather

“Well don’t you think it is mean to give me a white crayon to color on a white piece of paper Jessy?” Smith asked.

“No.” Jessy replied.

I smiled lightly, while stirring the pot of food on the stove and listening to the conversation coming from the living area.

“I’m not coloring with you then.” Smith said.

“No, no. You have to colow Smith.” Jessy said.

“Then give me a better crayon. Give me the green one.”


“The purple one then.” Smith insisted.

“I wan the purple one too.”

“Jessy you’re not being fair right now. If you want me to color with you then you have to give me an actual color, you can’t give me a white crayon and ask me to color with you that’s being selfish.” Smith said and I could tell that he was getting annoyed already from the tone of his voice.

I was just about to go and intervene when the two came whirling into the kitchen. Jessy with her crayon box in her hands and Smith with the singular white one and the drawing book in his.

“Mommy, Smith no wan to colow with
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Chrissy Costello
when is the the next chapter just love reading this book.I even cried in some of the chapters ...
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Updates are everyday, so I’ll be posting a new chapter soon.
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Catherine A Ramirez
When is the next update?

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