63. Seduction And A Confession

Greyson’s POV:

The space in front of me looked blurry and hard as I tried, I couldn’t get anything to make sense, just the same way it had been for the past week now. I could at this point conclude that I had never felt this miserable or empty in my entire life.

Not even when my mate died did I feel this way.

There was such an empty, hollow feeling in my chest and over the last two weeks I had tried to fill the void but to no avail.

The office that I was sat in was currently upside down, torn from top to bottom by my maniac rage that would overcome me every once in a while, same with my bedroom and the bottles of alcohol that were scattered around me also evidences of my suffering.

When Freya and Jessy had begun to matter so much in my life I wouldn’t be able to tell, but now that they were gone, it truly felt like they took a part of me with them.

I missed Freya so much, her scent, the sound of her laughter, her open book kind of face and how happy she made me. I missed listening
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Chrissy Costello
I think she has more to do with what is happening than we know,she is playing her part in this story very well.Can't wait for next chapter ...
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Zoe is a low life third party that needs to be kicked out of the house. #teamGreysonnFreyaneedsahappyending
goodnovel comment avatar
Yo. Zoe is up to something bigger than just seduction. I bet she had something to do with his mates death as well .

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