68. Trainings

“Freya, Freya!” The voice sounded far away but I could swear that it was the 60th time the person was calling my name and all I wanted to do was scream.

I was currently in a magical world of food and fun and this person kept trying to pull me out of it and the thoughts that clouded my head was to scratch their eyes out with my claws. All I wanted was more sleep, how was that too much to ask for?

“Babe, come on you have to get up. We’ve got training today, remember?” Finally the voice sounded close enough and Greyson should be thankful that I was in love with him.

Or else his eyes would be missing. I finally flipped my eyes open and I groaned when the light that flooded the room, blinded me momentarily. Of course, the man had gone and opened the curtains.

I groaned once more burying my head into my pillow and pulling the sheets over it. All I needed was more sleep, I was finally able to sleep after a while and now I had to get up early. Why does bad things always happen to good peop
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Was going to say the same thing pregnant
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shanelle Robinson
I would not be surprised if she were pregnant....

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