Beau said that we were going to get together to hang out or watever but I haven't heard from him. So I tried to call him several times and sent a few texts. When I didn't hear back I started doubting myself. I started thinking that maybe he was having doubts about last night. It really wouldn't surprise me. It's not like I actually believed that someone like him would be interested in me. No one has ever been interested in me like that before. Or interested in me, period.

When I finished double guessing myself I decided to go to his house and confront him about it. If he wanted to forget about the kiss then that was fine. But I had a right to know why he was shutting me out. I didn't deserve that. And I knew that I didn't deserve that. I don't have much self esteem but I know that this kind of shit is not on.

When I got to his house and rang the doorbell I didn't know what I was expecting, but when that man opened the door and he smelled of fresh rain I had to pull myself
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Karina Vazquez
Asher May fix things after all but Beau could have done better than just disappear like that

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