Long-sleeved hands suddenly appear from the shadows and grab my shoulders.

What the?

Instinctively, I shove them away and spring back to the other side of the path in a defensive stance, ready to fight off my assailant whoever it might be only to come face to face with the one person I had been trying to avoid.



“My love…my mate…” Marty’s mouth curls up in a disgusting smile as he steps forward with outstretched arms. But suddenly, he stops mid-stride and the ugly smile turns into an uglier scowl.

And as the first flash of lightning rolls across the greying sky, his eyes darken. “The mate bond is gone,” he says, his voice climbing dangerously into a snarl.

He takes another step closer, his boots digging into the muddied soil and cocks his head. A spirit of pure loathing crawls up his face and he spits into the ground. The spit lands on a tiny pebble near my boots.

“You’re not the Laurel I met at the Morningstar Square.”

He knows.

My nightmare has come true. Bu
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Joan Manuel
I’m usually not one to complain but these chapters are way too short. And Laurel is a ding bat, where is Helios Point of view? You started with letting us in his mind how about now since it’s getting kind of interesting

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