15 More Than An Omega


The kiss was breathtaking. I let myself fall into it entirely. I did not know why he kissed me, but I was glad he did because I had longed for him to kiss me again since that day at Alpha Gibson's doorstep. I enjoyed the moment, and a soft moan escaped my lips. It was a sweet and gentle kiss that made me wish more was between us; he would have been taking off my clothes tonight.

Luca gently pulled away, and I rested my head back on his chest while we continued to move to the music. I knew why he had kissed me because people started thinking his mother had lied when she told them it was a contract marriage and I was being paid to hang around. I guess Luca did not appreciate her behaviour.

I had called my brother after I left Luca's room, and he was glad I was settling in well. My family were not expecting me to be cared for, but when I told him how kind Luca was to me, he was relieved. I promised to call him every night now that I had a personal phone. I called Heather, too, and
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Karima Sa'ad Usman
lol S.V. glad you are still reading. thank you for the support.
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I do hope he doesn’t change his mind for my sake too. Jajajaaa Jajajaaa Jajajaaa

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