69 Safe House


While we moved, we were given rubbing alcohol to rub on our skin. It would confuse our scent but not hide it completely. I was grateful for the help I was getting. As powerful as I was, these omegas had saved my life. I owed everything I would do henceforth to them. I watched my wife hide her fear completely, giving me the strength I needed to push on. I was grateful for her.

As we moved, I was glad I did not disclose the hideout to any of my guards. There was no way those people would kill them. They were bound to torture them to get some information out of them. Thinking about the precarious situation they were in broke my heart. Soon the attackers would know that they had nothing to offer and would either initiate them if they felt they were worthy or kill them. Knowing my men, I knew they would choose death first.

We entered a storage closet with a wall that looked like a hardboard. To my surprise, the doctor slid the thick board to the side, opening the way to a tunnel. I
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Karima Sa'ad Usman
I agree. Marcelo lost everything because he was selfish and greedy. thank you for keeping the energy up. I am grateful and I am glad you like the book.
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Sad not said sorry
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It’s said Marcelo’s wife died for his greed. I hope they stay safe there. I really love this book.

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