Epilogue 1: Eli

One year later

Life is amazing! After the hunter war, after everything settled down with the missing humans and after my mate woke up, things finally began to fall into place.

The birth of my son, Emerson, was the most amazing moment of my life. Well, that is until today. Today, I am holding my baby girl for the first time. Emlyn Grace. She’s beautiful, perfect, just like her mother. And while I love my son more than I could ever put into words, there is something different about holding my daughter. A fierce protectiveness flows through me. It’s a feeling I’ve had with Emerson, but it’s different, more intense. There is something special about the father/daughter bond and I vow that no one will ever hurt my little girl.

I lay her in my mate’s arms, watching as now the two most precious women in my life curl up and fall asleep together. I gently kiss them both on the tops of their heads before leaving them to rest.

I head back to the packhouse, picking up Emerson from Carlos and Am

I promised you a happy ending and here it is. One last epilogue from Grace.

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Jesse Dayton
I'm so glad Eli got the happy ending he deserves.
goodnovel comment avatar
This is so cute. I already love little Emerson, and Eli seems to be such a caring father just as Grace.

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