Silver wiggled under the cover as her phone alarm beeps. She groaned and outstretched her hand to the nightstand insearch of her phone. She opened her eyes and sat up on the bed as she couldn't find it. She stood up from the bed and began searching for her phone on the bed. She tossed the pillow out from the bed and found her phone below. She heaved a sigh of relief and grabbed her phone before she turned off the alarm.

Last night she couldn't sleep after remembering how Lorenzo had made an attempt to kill her. She wanted to call Ann to make sure she's safe and informed about Lorenzo's release from jail but remembered that she's with Marcus and that might cause a distraction for her. She doesn't want Ann to feel insecure about Lorenzo being free from jail, that would make her feel bad . She ran her fingers through her disheveled hair as she was muddled in thoughts and contemplation.

“Oh God, what should I do?”. Silver asked inwardly. She was worried and needed something that could
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Anna Latimer
First Jason then Diego and now Dante it seems like she doesn't have any luck in the men department and if Dante comes back after running to that girl I would tell him to take a hike and Diego I'll have to think about it
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Em Kat Beaulieu
Love the book so far! Your a great writer!! Hope you update soon :)

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