Chapter 37 - The Book

Chris’s P.O.V.

The next few months went by slowly, we saw the new year in with Mila, Damon and baby Zachie. He grew bigger every day, slowly bringing us all together again. Ebony was softening, gradually turning back into the girl we all knew before Mila’s kidnap. Brad was happier, more relaxed knowing that Ebony wasn’t going to lose her temper at any moment, and Narcia was finally starting to see herself as a valued member of the pack, she helped Talia a lot with different healing potions and ointment, her magic kept the entire pack in peak condition, they were always so happy and full, the elderly members no longer tired and feeble, they were enlightened, energetic almost. The young ones were less rowdy, they had much better self-control over their tempers, there was still the odd unmated wolf who tried to get a little too close to Narcia for my liking, but I too had better control over my emotions, I would give them a swift warning shot, and they would back down quickly. Every day
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