Flying With Him

His hand didn’t stop caressing my hair playfully. Ace was really in a good mood and his positivity was starting to rub off on me. Suddenly, Ace took a lock of my hair and placed it against his lips. I watched as he kissed my hair tenderly as my heart skipped a beat and my chest clenched tightly.

“Ace…” I whispered his name softly.

“I don’t do this to my dog…” Ace mumbled as his eyes lingered on the lock of my hair that he held between his fingers.

“Or this…” Ace whispered.

My body froze when I felt the heat his hand on the side of my neck before he started stroking the side of my neck tenderly with the tips of his fingers. His face came closer to mine, and I soon felt the heat of his lips on my cheek. His kiss was soft and more playful than demanding. I felt heat rush to my face, and I knew that I had started to blush wildly.

“Or this…” Ace whispered again.

This time his lips approached mine. He’s going to kiss me…

“Please…no more…” I protested in a breathless whisper as I tried m
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